Easy Poll Maker

Making Web Voting Polls is a Breeze!  Loads of features.  Preview your design while you work.  No Web Registration.  No 3rd Party Code.  No 3rd Party Host.  No Subscription Fees and more...

"Easy Poll Maker" is a Windows™ application for Webmasters and Website Owners who want to create cool voting polls Fast and Easy!  It's simple, there is No online admin panel.  No subscription fees.  No 3rd Party Interference.  It's that Easy.

Preview your poll design in the program while you work on it.  Customize dozens of features including: size, color, border, font, button, and much more.  Use your own images for the background of the header and page if you wish.

Here are a few samples of what you can do...

Put your poll in a separate web page, popup, or IFrame like this:

Hide Number of Votes . . .

Hide Number of Votes and Bar Graph . . .

Customizing is easy including poll size, background colors, background images, header background images, header background colors, border colors, border size, border styles, font colors, font sizes, font styles, button size, button color, button styles, cursor styles, and more.

IP addresses can be monitored to prevent duplicate votes from the same computer.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload your web pages, you can have attention grabbing polls on your HTML web site in no time at all.

$ 29

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What's New

Version 4.1.1

New Features:

• Improved color functionality.
• Performance improvemnts.

Version 4.0

New Features:

• New Interface.
• Improved function.
• Browser controlled poll size.

Feature Comparison


Easy Poll Maker

Runs On:  Windows8/Windows7/Vista/XP

Cross browser compatible with:  I.E, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more.

The easiest to install and use.  No 3rd Party Admin Panel.  No subscription fees.  No other costs.

Scripting language:  PHP4 or higher (typical)

Display an unlimited number of polls simultaneously on your webpage

Display an unlimited number of polls on any number of websites

Friendly visual workspace with Full layout and design control

Unlimited colors or use your own favorite images

Autosize poll width and height

Specify poll width and height

Prevent multiple votes from same computer

A single question poll

A single line question

A mult-line question

List up to 15 possible answers to choose one from

List up to 100 possible answers to choose one from

Vote results by bar graph, percent and number, and total votes.

Show/hide number of votes

Show/hide bar graph

Bar graph unlimited colors

View poll results instantly online

View poll results in same window

View poll results in popup window

Vote records stored in realtime TXT format online: IP address of voter, date and time for each vote, topic, vote response, and voter browser information

A sample poll to help get you started right away

Make an unlimited number of polls on any number of websites

Step-by-step help documentation is included with the software package

Preview your design within the program while you work

Apply No scroll bars to the poll webpage

Apply No right click context menu to the poll webpage

Apply No Selection to the poll webpage

Apply No page print to the poll webpage

Apply No drag and drop to the poll webpage

Apply No status bar link to the poll webpage

Use Meta Tags: Title, Keywords, Description, Comment, and return frequency

Single or multi-line text Footer, image Footer, or scrolling Footer

Page Background Image Library

Header Image Library

Header Flash Library

Booth Background Image Library

Button Image Library

Footer Image Library

Bar Graph Animated Image Library

Browse your hard drive to select images

Bar graph border with unlimited colors

Bar graph adjustable height

Three Vote Results Display Styles: Side By Side, Bar Inline With Stats, or Bar Over Stats

Single Vote Results Display Style: Side By Side

Show/hide percentage of votes

Show/hide 'vote here' link

Show/hide 'view results' link

Disable voting

Disable voting and redirect voters to another webpage

Hide Post Vote Message

Hide All voting results

Upload your files by drag & drop or copy/paste

Upload your files using your own favorite FTP program

Unlimited Personal and Commercial use.

Host Requirements (Standard)
Operating System:  Linux, Unix, Windows
Web server:  Apache or IIS
Scripting language:  PHP4 or higher

Runs On: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP