How should I go about developing a website?
What's a storyboard?
Where do I get a domain name?
What should I look for in a web hosting service?
Will my website design be "search engine friendly"?
Once my website is built, how do I take care of it?
Do I get technical support?
What's a website gadget?
How are your products delivered to me?
Can I install a product on a second computer?
What is your refund policy?

How should I go about developing a website?

1.  Begin by defining your target audience.  What devices are used?  10" tablets, 17" laptops, 24" deskop computers?
      Analyse geographic demographics: age, sex, marital status, eductation level, income, likes, dislikes, and more.
2.  Create a website storyboard with your target audience in mind.
3.  Register a domain name and obtain a web host.
4.  Design your website and Upload it to your host.
5.  Add a robots.txt file, favicon, meta tags, sitemap, and other promotions.