Easy Form Mail

You're probably used to getting spam through your website e-mail.  Now a simple and effective solution to website e-mail spam is here.

Easy Form Mail consists of a single PHP page which will prevent most incoming form mail spam, because it not only requires verification, it also requires a security code through captcha before sending e-mail.  Try this live demo!
Easy Form Mail is a simple, single PHP file that is very easy to setup.

Quick Start:

1.  Upload "efm.php" to your web server.
2.  Enter the full path to efm.php" in the Address Bar of your browser to access the sample Easy Form Mail.  For example,
3.  Enter your settings to the Source Code of the efm.php file.

You can use HTML and CSS to customize Easy Form Mail to suit your needs.

You can display Easy Form Mail as a stand alone page or in an HTML IFrame to fit into your web page if you wish.

You can add any number of "subjects" to the drop down list and assign each a different e-mail address to make it easy to separate your incoming e-mail.

Customize loads of options using HTML and CSS.  For example, change the way the form looks including input size and position, security field, alert message(s), built-inThank You page, text color, size, and style to meet your needs.

And if you are a bit familiar with PHP, you can easily add extra fields like "first name", "last name", "phone number" or most anything specific to your needs.

Make any number of contact forms on an unlimited number of websites.  No additional fees or costs.


Script format


  PHP Technology.
  Single PHP file.
  Customizable Thank You
  Customizable fields.
  Customizable drop down list.
  Add new fields like first name,
   last name, phone number.
  Remove any field you want.
  Required fields optional.
  Customizable Alert
  Alert messages can show
   for required fields.
  Email verification.
  Unlimited use.
  Setup instructions included.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload an HTML web page, you can add Easy Form Mail to your Website in no time at all.

Host Requirements
Operating System:
Linux, Unix, Windows
Web server: Apache or IIS
Scripting language: PHP4 or higher

Runs On:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

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