Music Player Kit

This Cool Flash Music Player Kit is in a class by itself.

First of all, you get a single button music player that can AutoStart.   Then you get an Invisible music player that can AutoStart whenever anyone enters your webpage!  And that's not all...

You get small, medium, and large music players with optional drop-down playlists, next/replay, and volume controls.  And there's more...

You choose the options you want and change background color, button color, and text/highlight color to match your website theme.

This flexible full featured Music Player Kit stores your settings in one small XML file to make it easy for you to customize player options anytime you want for any occasion.
Here's how easily it works!
Upon checkout, Music Player Kit script with instructions you need to put a music player on your website will be immediately available for you to download.  You should have basic experience with HTML and XML.

Quick Start
1.  Enter your preferences (color, style, MP3 file, etc.) in a small XML file.
2.  Enter the music player dimensions you want in an HTML file.
3.  Upload all related files to your server and you're ready to go!

Script format


  Flash Technology.
  AutoPlay option.
  Invisible player.
  Single button player.
  Small player.
  Medium player.
  Large player.
  Change button and
   background color.
  Optional playlist.
  Volume control.
  Next and Repeat.
  Drop down menu.
  Easy XML setup.
  Unlimited use.
  Setup instructions included.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload your HTML and XML webpage, you can add great looking music players to your website within minutes.

Runs On: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP