This easy-to-use PHP click counter can also be used as a download counter.
Now you can count clicks on any link on your website.  A great tool if you want to know how many times a link has been clicked, a file downloaded and similar. As long as it's a link - LinkWatcher can count clicks on it!

LinkWatcher uses flat-text database so no SQL database is necessary.  It comes with a Traffic Report where you can view link statistics: how many times a link has been clicked (both numerical and graphical display of stats), link with most clicks and average clicks per link.  You can also easily add, edit, reset or remove links in the Traffic Report or even display the number of clicks on any webpage.

No more guessing about where visitors travel to in your website.  Now you can monitor link click activity quickly and easily through a realtime Traffic Report.

RealtimeTraffic Report
Just replace your links with LinkWatcher links to become part of an easy to read realtime Traffic Report.  The Traffic Report shows theTotal Links, Total Clicks, Average Number of Clicks per Link and Most Traffic by ID Number.

You can reset individual link count to zero at anytime and start a new click count if you wish.
You can reset the ID number to 0 at anytime by editing the ID.txt file to 0.

Record Traffic to Your Webpages, Zip files, PDFs, EXEs and more!
You choose any number and type of your website links to be monitored.  Easily add and remove links to webpages, zip files, PDFs, EXEs, and more!

Link ID
Each monitored link is assigned a unique ID for easy identification.  In addition, you can assign a unique Link Name.

Backup and Restore
You may save a backup of your Traffic Report at anytime and restore it in the future should it be corrupted for any reason.

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What's New

Version 3.0

New Features:

Quick Link Generator.

Traffic Report refresher.

Performance improvements.

Version 2.0

New Features:

Backup and Restore.

Version 1.0

New Features:

Initial release.

Features of LinkWatcher

  Realtime Link Click Monitor
  Traffic Report offers easy link click review
  Monitor any number of links
  Backup and Restore Traffic Report
  Unlimited Personal and Commercial use.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload your HTML files you can use LinkWatcher in no time at all.

See Where Visitors Go on Your Website
A Realtime Traffic Report is at your fingertips.

Save Money
LinkWatcher is a powerful monitoring tool offered at a fraction of the cost when compared to others like it.

How Does LinkWatcher Work?
LinkWatcher uses PHP scripting to monitor and record the daily activity of your website links.  When a visitor clicks on a monitored link, it's recorded and ready for review in the LinkWatcher Traffic Report.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload your webpage, you can use LinkWatcher in minutes.

Host Requirements
Apache web server
Linux or Unix operating system (standard)
PHP4 or higher