Page Peeler Pro

Page Peeler Pro allows the use of both Flash animations and static images to peel your page away.  Preview your images and animations in the application while you work on your design.

With this program, there's no need to fiddle around with a bunch of code.  Have the top right corner of your webpage peel away in no time at all.

Choose from the Library, browse your hard drive to select your favorites, or enter your own favorites to create the look and feel you want.  Images and Flash animations act to create your message!

169 Custom Library Images and Animations
Choose from one hundred and sixty-nine pre-defined Library images and swf amimations offered in the program or simply use your own and your page is ready to peel!

Use Your Own Images and Animations if You Wish
You can use your own favorite bmp, gif, jpg or png images or Flash swf animations.  Browse your hard drive to select your favorite ones or enter the path to their online locations.

For best display, the small peel image should be 75x75px.  The large peel is 500x500px.  The graphic should be positioned to the upper right corner of the image to allow for the peel as shown by example in the program Toolbar Help Documentation.  

Preview Your Images and Animations while You Work
Preview your images and swf animations while you work on your design.  It just couldn't be easier to create the kind of peel you want!

An optional hyperlink makes it easy for everyone to jump to a another webpage, Mp3, Mpeg, PDF, EXE, or Zip file download to learn about your products, services, and more.  Your link will open in a new window.

Page Effects
Enhance the look and feel of your page peel with background effects.  Add your favorite background image, color, Mp3 audio message and more!

Hide the webpage scroll bars, disable the right-click context menu, prevent drag & drop, disable printing, hide page margins and prevent page selection to bring that special look to your presentation.

Go to URL
Go to URL to verify the location of your peel folder, link and background image before you publish your peeler.  This will save you time and effort!

Publish Your Peel the Way You Want
Publish your page peel in an existing webpage or as a stand-alone webpage.  The top right corner of your webpage peels away to reveal your message.

Uploading Files is a Snap with FTP Access
Uploading website files is a snap by drag & drop or copy/paste with "FTP Access".  It's included with the program.  Alternatively, you can use your own favorite FTP program.

Everyone Will Notice Your Peel
Everyone will notice the small Flash animated page peel resting at the top corner of your webpage.  When they pass their mouse over it (and they probably will just out of curiosity!) your page will peel away and reveal your message.

Have Your Peel Made Just for You
If you don't have just the right image or animation for your page peel, Contact Us!  We'll make it for you for a small fee.

As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload your images and HTML webpages, you can have pages peeling your website attracting visitors in no time at all.

$ 29

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What's New

Version 4.5.3

New Features:

• Performance improvements.

Version 4.5

New Features:

• Pro Version Launched.
• 169 Library Images & animations.
• Allows for Flash (swf) animated peels.

Page Peeler Pro Features

No jQuery.  No PHP.  No MySQL.  No online admin panel.  No additional fees.

No Need to fiddle around with a bunch of code.

Cross browser compatible with major browsers:  I.E, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more.

Image Library has 79 custom images to choose from.

You can use your own favorite Bmp, Gif, Jpg or Png images if you wish.

Browse your hard drive to select images if you wish.

Small image size: 75x75px .

Large image size: 500x500px .

Animation Library has 90 custom Flash (swf) images to choose from.

You can use your own favorite Flash (swf) animations if you wish.

Browse your hard drive to select Flash animations.

Small Flash animation size: 75x75px .

Large Flash animation size: 500x500px .

Preview your Flash animations while you work.

Preview your images while you work.

Top Right corner of page peels away.

Optional Hyperlink so everyone can easily jump to another page.

Linked items open in a new page.

Make a stand-alone page or enhance your page with optional effects.

"Go to URL" to quickly verify items are online.

Save your project to your hard drive.

"Publish" is included so you can insert you project to your webpage on your local computer if you wish.

"FTP Access" is included to easily Upload your files by drag & drop or copy/paste.  Alternatively, You can use your own favorite FTP program.

Unlimited Personal and Commercial use.

"Page Peeler Pro" is the easiest to install and use page peel creator.  No JQuery.  No PHP.  No MySQL.  No subscription fees.  Unlimited use on any number of websties.  Step-by-step help documentation is included with this software.  We will be happy to assist you with your installation and answer any questions you might have.  As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit and upload HTML webpages, you can have a customized page peel on your website in minutes.

Runs On: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP